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In three words: Stephen Fry’s Chronicles.

I suppose that’s a bit of cheat with an apostrophe in the title. Oh well! I have a chameleon like quality to sound like what I am reading. Hence if my blogspeak is fairly flippant and foppish with dulcet English tones its because I have chameleoned to Stephen Fry. I can’t help it. He’s horribly contagious. Despite being grilled about my spontaneous drifting towards elitist and pretentious English sensibilities I have been secretly devouring every syllable and polysyllable that flourishes in his writing. Its like the sound of marbles rolling in a velvet pouch with auditory and sensual qualities. All his talk of Cambridge and Oxford plus my own memories of my day tour to Oxford left me daydreaming about me possibly studying there someday.

As I continue to read I begin to feel more absurd about being an Oxbridge scholar wondering how I could ever fit in. In our travels to New Zealand I sort of got my answer. ‘Anything is possible’ said the artist Alan Waters. I hadn’t a clue who the man was till I saw him in person and he is such a delight. In a complete irony he was totally devoid of pomp, or ego or cosmetic quirks though there are heaps in his art. He was the humble artist who just wants to make people think. I was very overwhelmed meeting him. He represented a lot of what I believe is important in education. A sense of purpose, humour, wit, vigour and humility. Most importantly a desire to make people think.
So I’ve been thinking that my dream of going to study at Oxbridge is only as far as my mind believes it is. I could be a scholar and even a scholar without the prudishness or attitude that the sun alone shines from my..
‘Anything is possible’

With the artist in his home gallery

Alan Waters’ Art


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