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I finally bit the bullet. At our first staff department meeting for the year I made a presentation called ”The Road not Travelled”. In meetings in the past there is a lot of process talk (assessment schedules, procedures, scopes, weighting grids etc) which we all know and have been working through for many years. Rather than revisit these again, we looked at a video ‘The Machine is Us/ing’ which is rather dated now as to when it was made but the message is still incredibly relevant and new information to many.

Now as we teach a significant part of our course through PBL and have technology centered classrooms we have to think about how to teach for authentic learning. The amazing range of web 2.0 tools and all other resources via youtube, slideshare etc need to be used in effective contexts and students creation of these should also be towards authenic learning.

The question of course is – What is authentic learning? and I have posed this as a challenge for our department this year to continuously try and answer and hopefully generate a lot of professional dialogue.

The meeting itself did generate good dialogue. The team is at at that stage where we see kids handling the technology but not very aware of their context, content or analysing the waterfall of information and its sources. So we agreed that as a team we now need to see how we make learning with technology a meaningful experience.


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