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Creating problems in problem based learning is one element of our classroom but I believe the next level for me is to be able to effectively integrate web 2.0 tools in the process. (This is where my nocturnal reading of blogs kicks in overdrive!)

I am currently working on a study of Othello for Year 11 and want to make the learning in this unit more authentic by creating real life links. After many attempts at the drawing board including targetting focus areas such as ‘the outsider’ ‘racism’ ‘the role of women’ and ‘society and status’ am learning more towards ‘love’.
I want to explore how the idea of ‘love’ and perceptions of ‘love’ set in motion the events in Othello. This could then lead to examining ideas about ‘love’ over time and how or even if they have evolved and representations of ‘love’s various implications’. Hopefully the discussion will become layered complex and evolve.

So need to finalise a few good problems for the unit and use web 2.0 in the learning process. hmmm…


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